Original Work, Poetry

Howard Street – 1948


Where are we?
San Francisco

I know we’re in the City
I mean, WHERE are we?
Oh – on Howard Street

Is this Uncle Howard’s street?
No, it’s just a name

What are all those people doing?

Well yes, but what are they doing?
Just walking

And they all have heavy coats. Why?
It’s cold and they are trying to keep warm
They walk and wear heavy coats to stay warm.

But why don’t they go home where it’s warm?
They don’t have a home.

Dad, can I have a donut?
Sure, let’s go up 2nd street
to Uncle Miltie’s

Original Bob
10 May 2017

NB: I remember this scene, driving up Howard Street with my father, just like it was yesterday. All those men, and some women. Some things you just never forget.
— Original Bob