Attaining Peace is a collection of poems and poetic prose concerning the attainment of personal peace. Most of the collection is my original work or original translation of another writer’s work.

The first few items in the collection concern my struggle of more than 60 years to find personal peace in our modern world of chaos, distrust, and lack of acceptance. These characteristics of our modern world, the real world in common parlance, are not new. Even some 3000 years ago, there was concern about the characteristics of society as expressed in The Bible, PS:133:

 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brethren to dwell together in unity!

As I recently wrote in The Root of Conflict:

The infernal serpent coiled ’round the soul of man strangles the love and understanding imbued by the Creator supplanting it with hatred and distrust.

My quest for personal peace centered on finding a way to throw off, to sever, the coils of the serpent constricting my soul in order to become my self as ordained by the Creator.

For me, the problem became one of finding a way, a path, which would sever those coils. After many attempts spanning many years, I realized that for me, the path lay in discovering, in creating another world, separate from the real world, in which I could live, at least some of the time, where my soul existed unconstricted by the serpent’s coils. It is in that world, my world that I choose to live as far as practically possible.


© Original Bob
May 14, 2019